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Lighting Certified Practice, Inc. had been searching for qualified lighting professionals to work as partner in lighting design practice in the areas of building and transportation systems 2004-2005. During those two years, he served as Director of Engineering,providing engineering & technical support for A&E Lighting Sales.

In April 2006, he started working with County of Fairfax DPWES Streetlights Group serving as Lighting Project Engineer/Manager for many County Transportation Capital Improvement Projects and was in charge of the "Citizen Petition Program" for Streetlights installation. . He has retired in June 2015 and was inducted to the County of Fairfax Streetlights "Hall of Fame".

Since retirement, Alex has dedicated a lot of time volunteering in District 29 Toastmasters serving as Club Officers,Area Directors, Club Coach and Speechcraft Coordinator.

He is President (2019-2021) and Secretary Elect (2021-2022) of Fairfax Bi-Lingual Toastmasters Club and Club Coach of Humor Mill Toastmasters Club.

If you are interested in working with Alex to help others to become better self, better communicator and leader, please email Alex. or President of Fairfax Bi-Lingual
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